Don’t invest until you read this!

You may think making money off the stock market is easy. Just buy low and sell high right? I mean that’s what everyone says so it must be true. And yes, I use this strategy myself as well. But I do not use it as the end all be all golden rule to investing. 

When I am looking to make a short-term gain, I buy good stocks that may be in a little bit of a slump. But this is not how I decide where I want to put my money. I will only invest in a stock I am comfortable with holding for a long period of time. I will never, ever, never, invest in a stock that I don’t know anything about. This is stupid and speculative trading that will only make your wallet lighter. If you buy a stock that you are willing to hold on to for more than a few months (or better yet, years) you are taking a step in the right direction. 

So, once again, ONLY invest in stocks you are willing to stick with for a LONG period of time. Do NOT invest in stocks you know nothing about. Do NOT invest in a stock you thing is a sure thing. You don’t make money off the stock market by day trading. You make money by making smart, long-term investments. 


2 thoughts on “Don’t invest until you read this!

    • I guess on person I look up to who utilized a similar strategy was Michael Steinhardt. He was an extremely sucessful day-trader but despite that he had a long-term perspective. Another is Warren Buffett for obvious reasons. He is famous for only investing in stocks he knows and also takes a long-term perspective on his investments. Thanks for the comment I hope you enjoy the blog!

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