Stock picks for September 27, 2013

My stock pick once again is…Apple! AAPL is trading at $482.75 at the end of this Friday evening. There are a number of things that make this stock attractive to me. Everyone and their mother knows that Apple released the iPhone 5S and 5C. Apple expects sale of their new iPhones to reach up to 9 million in the first weekend! They also rolled out their new operating system, iOS 7 which has had a very positive reception among users and experts alike. In addition Barclays Capital has raised their price target for Apple up to $540. Although price target is not a reliable figure to look at, it is optimistic when you consider Goldman Sachs ($560), Duetsche Bank ($575), and Lazard Capital ($570) have all raised their price targets for this stock. 


Stock picks for September 10th

My first stock pick for the day is Apple (AAPL) which fell $11.53 to $494.64 on the day. Apple just recently introduced their iPhone 5S and 5C today. Many investors were selling today on this news, embracing the idea to sell when there is news and buy when there are rumors. I like the Apple stock right now and like where they are going. 

My second pick is Phillips-Van Heusen Corp., whose stocks fell today -5.64% to $124.66. They fell due to a weak outlook, but I still like this stock to bounce back.

Stock Pick for August 3, 2013

My stock pick for the day is Coca-Cola Co (KO). Coca-Cola finished the day down $0.28 and -0.73% at $37.90. This is amidst reports that Coke has been “greenwashing” or exaggerating the product’s environmental benefits. 

Why should you buy them? Goldman Sachs upgraded Coca-Cola from “Neutral” to a “Conviction Buy” today. Analysts like their risk/reward ratio and see their shares climbing up to $47 dollars a share. Coca-Cola also offers a dividend of $.80 a share, or 2.11% of its stock price.