Back in Action!

Hello there! I have been on a little hiatus lately due to my studying for the CPA exam. Luckily for you I took (and hopefully passed) my fourth and final section for the exam. It is so amazing having free time after work to do whatever I please. I have come to appreciate having free time to do anything I want, and I have chosen to utilize my time increasing my knowledge and taking better care of myself.

The first thing on my agenda is to get back into reading. I have started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and I’m over halfway through it in about two days.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is extremely interesting to me. The ideas and concepts in the book really reiterate how I want to life my life financially. I always thought I was a little different than most people when it comes to finances, so it’s nice to see a book that I can actually connect with I want to share a lot of my thoughts and things that I learned with you once I finish up the book. In the meantime, happy investing!


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