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Hello there!

If you don’t already know, this is my personal finance and investing blog! I periodically post my thoughts about finance and investing to try and help you out to create a better future for yourself. I also post some suggested stock picks every once in a while. Some people have actually asked me if I invested in the stocks I suggest. To which I say “Of course!” (when I have the money to do so). So that inspired me. Today, I have decided to post my portfolio for you to see. I believe that it is important to be as transparent as possible and I know this is a great way for all of you to see what I love to do.

Before I post my stock positions, I just want to give you some background information. I just recently started investing (real money) at the very beginning of August. During the months of August and part of September I tried my hand at buying and selling on a short time horizon. This didn’t work out quite as well as I hoped and I ended up breaking even. Since about mid September I have been investing and going long on many of my positions. For someone like me, this is the best thing that I can do given that I don’t have unlimited time and resources.

Also keep in mind that I started out with about $5,000 and have added a little bit every month. I currently have about $11,500 in principal invested which has a current fair market value of $12,000. Without further ado, here is my portfolio:


Hope you enjoy and Happy Investing!!


2 thoughts on “My Positions

  1. It’s interesting to me to see several blogs writing about micro / odd-lot purchases. Like, I see you owning 9 shares of SBUX for instance. I’ve always tried to own regular sized quantities. Do you find you pay more in fees because of this? Also, what tool are you using to create that image?

  2. The main reason I go with odd-lot purchases honestly is just because I don’t have a whole lot to invest right now. I try to set aside a small part of my salary each month and just invest it in various stocks each month so sometimes I end up buying an odd number of stocks. Other times it depends on how much of my portfolio I want to put into a company and what my risk tolerance is. Ideally I would buy more stocks in a company at one time but it’s not really feasible for me.

    As for the tool I use for the image, I just use the snipping tool that comes with Windows and take a quick snip of my OptionsHouse dashboard.

    Thanks for the comment!

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