What scares you?

Doubts. Worries. Fears. At the end of the day, everyone has them. When it comes to finances, many people are in the same boat. If you are reading these, you are probably share similar feelings. We all have a similar goal, and that is to be financially independent. We want to break loose from the live to work mentality. That’s why we I created this blog. I want to help you while also helping myself. By providing insight into personal finance, I hope to make a little bit of a difference in your life. In return, I have had the pleasure of reading many of your insights on personal finance.  

What am I afraid of?

I am afraid that I won’t save up enough money. I have concerns about my investments. Although I feel pretty confident they will continue to go up in value, there are no guarantees. I worry that I won’t be able to buy a house until I’m too old due to my student loans. I worry that I won’t be able to live a fulfilling life because I will always be concerned about money. I think about these fears a lot. My biggest fear at the end of the day is that I will be stuck working a job I don’t enjoy the rest of my life just so I can make enough money to get by. If I don’t achieve financial independence, these fears can become a reality. Some of these fears are irrational, but they still stick in the back of my mind.

What are your fears? Is there anything you do to help overcome those fears? Please leave a comment below. I look forward to your response.


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