Note to My Incredible Readers

Hello there! I just want to make a quick note to let you know that I am currently in the process of creating a completely free, no strings attached Guide to Personal Finance. Over the next few months my posts will be additions to this free guide and I welcome you to leave any feedback and share the free guide with all of your friends.

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4 thoughts on “Note to My Incredible Readers

  1. Similar to my other post congratulations on this.. Will follow and comment with interest.. I have a bit of a background in finance myself :)..

    Where abouts are you from?

      • Awesome, bet that is a beautiful part of the world, although Sydney, Australia is hard to match 😉 haha.. Actually heading to your neck of the woods (sort of) to Vegas in late June.. I realise that Vegas is West coast and Florida is East coast ha

      • That should be fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas but have never had the opportunity. It’s definitely on my short list of places I want to go in the not so distant future.

        The weather here isn’t too bad. It’s pretty nice for the most part except the summers can get pretty brutal with the heat and humidity.

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