Part 1: Debt

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Welcome to Part 1 of my completely free guide to personal finance. If you have not done so already, check out the introductory post. There you will find a table of contents which will be updated each time I complete a post in this guide.

In Part 1 of this free guide to personal finance I will discuss the topic of debt. Within this section I will tackle a number of different topics which relate to debt. The topics are as follows:

Isn’t All Debt Bad?

Good Debt is Good

Bad Debt

The Psychology of Debt

The Use of Credit Cards


As each post above is completed it will be linked. Remember if you have any comments or suggestions just drop me a line. Also, thanks to a suggestion by Jef Miles @, I have added buttons at the end of each post which will allow you to share my articles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. With that being said, let’s get started!


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