Free for Five Days: “Get Rid of Debt Forever: A Guide to Understanding and Conquering Debt”

I am making this post to inform you that my first eBook, “Get Rid of Debt Forever: A Guide to Understanding and Conquering Debt” is available for download on Amazon for free for the next five days.

From August 21, 2014 to August 25, 2014, you can have the book sent straight to your Kindle or any other device and it will be completely free. All you have to do is go Get Rid of Debt Forever: A Guide to Understanding and Conquering Debt and click download to have it sent to you today.

This book (along with other projects) has taken up quite a bit of my time. As a result, I have not been blogging as frequently as I would like, and I apologize for that.

But, I have learned a lot in this process and I want to use this blog post to discuss what you will find in my book, why I decided to create this book, and what I learned in the process.

What You Will Find

The eBook I created is a collection of blog posts that I have made on this site, along with a few added chapters not found here, organized and put into one place.

You see, I originally intended on creating a comprehensive guide on personal finance that would be found on this blog. I came up with this idea back in April and it seemed like a great idea at the time, but then I recognized something.

My realization

I realized that I was writing A LOT. And I was only writing on one individual topic which was debt. If I was going to create a comprehensive guide on personal finance, it would take a LONG time.

What I decided to do was repackage these blog posts on debt into an eBook. I was originally planning on giving this eBook away as an incentive for people to subscribe to the blog. Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to publish it on Amazon, which I’ll get to in a minute.

So I decided to repackage the book, add some chapters and make it more organized, and edit it to make it a little less informal and free from error (at least that’s what I hope!).

Why Did I do This?

I mentioned above that I was going to give this book away as an email opt-in book. There are a couple big reasons why I wanted to publish my eBook on Amazon instead.

Reason #1: I wanted to create my own product

The first reason is quite simple. I wanted to create my own product that I could sell. I wanted a product that has my name on it that I could put out there for people to purchase.

At the end of the day, that is why we are here. I thought it would be great to repackage these posts, make them more organized and better written, and allow people to purchase my product.

What I hope is that people get some great value out of this eBook and that it will help them.

Also, I want to work on some advertising and marketing skills. By creating my OWN product to sell, I can create advertisements to sell something that can give me some sort of a return on investment.

In the process, I will sharpen my advertising skills which will help me dramatically in the future.

Reason #2: I wanted to learn the Kindle Direct Publishing platform

I plan on writing a lot more in the future. This will include many eBooks which I want to sell to help solve people’s problems.

For this reason, I want to learn the process of creating a book and putting it on the Kindle platform. I have learned A LOT in the process. Discover what I learned in the next section of this post.

For this reason, I figured I might as well learn this platform and process now so that I won’t have to face this learning curve in the future.

What Did I Learn From Writing this Book?

Writing is hard. Despite the fact that this is a short eBook, it was still a long process. Creating, editing, and now advertising has proven to be a challenging process.

When writing a book it would seem that writing should take up the most time. Not for me. The thing that took me the longest was the editing and formatting of this book.

It took a while to make sure everything sounded good and the format of the book was good for the Kindle platform. I went through a few rounds of editing with my girlfriend which took a little longer than I was hoping.

Also, creating the cover is another challenging process. Luckily for me, my girlfriend grew up doing graphic design and was able to help create a pretty good looking cover photo for my book.

Creating is fun. I love creating something and putting it out there for all to read. For me, writing is such a rewarding experience. So much that I plan on creating and releasing another book soon.

Staying balanced is hard. I have had to balance writing and editing with my full-time job, along with social media for this blog, blogging, and having a life.

As a result, my blog has suffered. I haven’t written a post in about a month here. It is difficult balancing all of these things but a lot of people do it and I’m not going to complain.

The Most Important Lesson of All

Even if I fail it is okay.

I would be perfectly fine if my book sales don’t take off. Obviously I’d be happier if I made a million sales of course, but if sales fall flat I won’t have any regrets.

What I have learned through this entire process is more valuable than anything. Even if I fail, no one can take away those skills I acquired and the knowledge that I obtained. These skills can transfer over to other areas in my life down the road.

On top of that, I have something to show for my time. Instead of wasting time on TV or fooling around, I have an actual product that I can point to and shows what I did.

Finally, if I didn’t try, I never would have learned anything new at all.


Writing a book is fun. I recommend anyone try it out. It’s not easy by any means and it takes time and it probably won’t be worth it money-wise. But the experience you gain will be completely worth it.

Once again, you can get my eBook “Get Rid of Debt Forever: A Guide to Understanding and Conquering Your Debt” completely free on Amazon for the next five days. Click the picture below to check it out!

I would love to hear your feedback, so if you could leave a review on Amazon I would greatly appreciate it!

Get Rid of Debt Cover

From August 21 to August 25 you can get your copy of my eBook completely free!


Credit cards are great!

Credit cards don’t put people in debt, people put people in debt. Credit cards have a negative stigma around them due to their high interest rates and the horror stories from individuals in huge debt. As a result, many people are afraid to take out credit cards. In this article I want to dispel those myths and explain some of the great benefits you of owning a credit card.

What are the benefits of having a credit card?

Benefit #1: Credit Cards will help you build credit.

Good credit isn’t something we think of until we need it. It’s not as if we go through life thinking about what our credit score is. For that reason we tend to ignore this first benefit of credit cards. Having a good credit score can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future.

How does you credit score affect interest rates?

The better your credit score, the lower an interest rate you pay on loans. For example, let’s say you borrow $200,000 to purchase a home on a 30-year fixed loan. According to, if you have a credit score of 650 (which is considered a “fair” score), you will pay and annual percentage rate (APR) of 5.085%. However, if you have a score of 700 (which is considered a “good” score) you will pay an APR of 4.624%. What difference does this make over a 30 year period? If you have a “fair” score, you will pay $190,260 in interest over the life of the loan. If you have a “good” score, you $154,787 in interest over the life of the loan. This is a savings of $35,473! Try it out yourself! Go to and play around with some numbers and see what you discover.

Benefit #2: Credit card companies have strength, and will help you when you need it.

Another great benefit is that credit card companies are on your side when you make purchases. If you buy a product that you are not satisfied with, and the company you bought the product from is giving you a hard time, the credit card company can help save you the headache of trying to get your money back. If a company won’t refund your money, chances are the credit card company will. This is called a chargeback. The threat of chargeback will give the company you purchased from an incentive to provide good customer service and timely refunds if appropriate.

Benefit #3: Extended Warranties

Many credit cards will extend your warranty up to a year for purchases you make with your credit card. This can come in handy, especially for large electronic purchases. There is no need to buy the extended warranty if you make you purchase with a credit card!

Benefit #4: Customer Rewards

Many cards will pay you nice rewards in the form of travel miles or cash back bonuses. For example, American Express offers 6% cash back on groceries and 3% back on gas if you get their Blue Cash Preferred Card, which costs $75 a year. Chase offers 5% cash back on a rotating list of categories and 1% cash back on all other purchases with their Chase Freedom Card. There are a number of other cards which offer great rewards and travel miles, which I won’t go into too much detail here.

Credit cards have a number of benefits to consumers as stated above. If you are a reliable and responsible with your debt, a credit card could be one of the best investments you make.

What do you think of the benefits to owning a credit card? Do you own any credit cards? Why or why not?